Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The universe in my dress

WKND creates garments using spacey collage prints like the one below. The company's website is an explosion of prints and oddly- or appropriately?- I couldn't break my gaze from the flashing glowing textiles. Now I feel I must have this dress. Wierd cyberspace-hypnotism?

Monday, June 22, 2009

C'est un Pipe

Gallerist James Danziger posted this little ditto on his blog, The Year in Pictures, on Friday. Regina Spektor's new single has a surreal video, in the spirit of Magritte, just as beautiful as the song itself. I have the pleasure of seeing Ms. Spektor in concert this Tuesday with one of my favorites, Little Joy, who rocked this weekend in Boston. And how!

Magritte's Window

UPDATE (6/23): Regina is not playing with Little Joy tonight. I made that up and told myself it was true. It isn't.

UPDATE #2 (8/3): Ironically, as a surprise appearence, Regina came on stage for the last song with Little Joy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bad/ good habits encouraged

What I mean is, I love Le Smoking, and subsequently I am going to enlist a friend to let me take their b&w picture all over the city le smoking. Any volunteers? (side note, I am really digging the whole nude-colored garments thing {technical term} right now)

Image: Le Smoking

Really you're saying this to me?? Really??

Work person: "Peaches is going to perform later. She is a raunchy lesbian singer; I think she's kind of sexy [proceeds to illustrate by singing lyrics]."
Me:"I think guys generally think lesbians are sexy, right?"
Work person:"Well, I love the idea of girl-on-girl action but in the end no because they don't want d***"

-sooo classy @ Lit

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

hello? sorry to put you on hold

Hello loyal followers, Phone with a Cord Lovers (assuming you exist), I acknowledge that I have left the phone off the hook for far too long, no pun intended (yes it was).  

I have been so busy planning THIS party that I haven't had a moment to myself. The Women of Fashion were fabulous but now that is all over and I am getting back to leaving work at a normal time. 

Anyway I thought I'd come back with Six Clix, not just because I love the alliteration I have created by ending both in "x" as much as the guy who owns Klassy Kuts in my hometown loves his "k" cleverness, but also because if I dont limit myself to 6, Ill never stop.. Here goes:

1. I met the sweet, fabulous, New Zealand native Maya of TurnedOut and love love love her site. It's a cool combo of street style and editorial commentary. 

2. Jimmy Choo/ H&M woot woot! I own a sick pair of Jimmy Choo's and I fall everytime I wear them.. ah I love you hooker heels.

3. So the "Women" were photographed by Olivier Zahm during the party  in an insane triplex suite where the after party commenced thereafter. (the fete took place in the courtyard at the NY Palace)

4. I have to admit, from what I have seen of it, I kind of like It's On. Is that bad? 

5. I started using a Holga, because I like that it is pretty much unbreakable, unlike my beloved 35mm cam. Had a VERY failed first roll, but I posted some of the negatives. They look cooler with the colors inverted than correct. :)

6. Kind of obsessed with Contributing Editor. I want to be one.

photo: mine, everything is black and white (b&w film later enhanced with oil pastels)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Paper price raise!! (??)

It's no secret the newspaper industry is seriously at risk of dying, and therefore forced to offset the loss of money. Beginning today the newsstand Sunday Times is now 5$ people. Very sad as 3$ & 4$ felt like a lot. But, there is nothing like a physical paper in hand on a lazy Sunday morning, so I will continue to buy (and I suggest more people do to, so it doesn't become extinct!!)

Friday, June 5, 2009