Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Some people don't have summer-soak-up-the-rays skin. I for one have a particularly pale epidermis. Always have. Never get golden quite like my olive friends. So today, I would like send a huge THANK YOU to the folks over at Fashionista for finally articulating what I have been thinking my whole life, if you cant get a real tan (or dont want to for whatever reason) and the fake, cheap-o orange glow isn't your thing-- What is so wrong with being pale??

Monday, March 30, 2009


Visited the Young Designers market in SoHo this weekend during the 4 hours I wasnt packing up my apartment.

And I met this girl: milliner of sorts Jillian Galla. I was pining- PINING- for one of her many hand made, beaded, feathered headpieces, but alas rent-week looming, I had to take a rain check. I will be back, my friends, I will be back.
Also glad to find that some are available to purchase online on her myspace. If Im feeling particularly lazy Ill take that route. In May, Jillian will also have a table set up on the sidewalk at Prince and Wooster.

Another YD notable: Castro NYC- dark jewelry --with the spirit of Jack Sparrow-- highly influenced by Atlantis and blackened coral reef, said the designer himself. Fell in love with the black coral ring with pearls and a single sparkling diamond and the "dripping" akoya pearl & chain drop earrings.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Smoking Lily

I was flipping through Vogue Paris on my way home from work today when I came across this spread of a pregnant Lily Donaldson. Can't tell whether I should be disturbed or amused. I am going to default to the latter. 

Coincidentally, I also got around to reading the at home child delivery article in New York Mag just this morning. I guess it's a theme today-- babies and unconventional birthing methods.


Burnin' Down the House

Sometimes at work I do boring things.
During those times I like to have music playing.
I'd like to tell you about my go-to tunes for those times...

David Byrne, former Talking Heads genius and artist of the musical house and nyc bike racks, frequently compiles extensive playlists revolving around whatever theme is relevant to him at the moment.

Since I began listening my favorite has been his Brazilian kick--although every one is brilliant (they are formatted as streaming mp3). Currently on the rounds: Old School Gospel.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lots of Lou

Pics via Scout Holiday

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Just like when Marc Jacobs said, “Happy, happy fashion - there is not much more to it than that,”Candy Pratts Price's newest Accessory Report is all about the Shiny-Happy-Fun. I am a bit obsessed with the content and especially its "Don't Be So Serious" attitude (and headline :) I screen-grabbed my favorites here, but check them all out for yourself, here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hair I am

For a minute I was thinking of cutting my long locks into the perfect Mia Farrow pixie. It's important to note that I would probably also have to take up smoking in order to be as cool as she is here. I just don't know if I'm ready for that type of commitment...

Then a friend had the brilliant suggestion I try something different yet equally unconventional (see his idea's accompanying image to the left). Haha!

Backstreet Ballerina

Found my new favorite blog today... well at least it's in my top five. LeBlogdeBetty is all about posting her daily outfits-- tons of people do this, but she's got style for real(z).

Betty Ballerina to the left<

Monday, March 23, 2009

Can You Just.. Take These Handcuffs off of Me?

I saw The Americans at Lit Lounge sometime in the past week and a half-- don't ask me specifics, I can't remember anything anymore with all this moving craziness.
My bf is big on seeing bands around the city, and he discovered these guys through I'm sure one of his many online escapades. Recorded, live, whatever--the Americans are grand. Click the pic and listen to the music yourself>>

And We're Back

I cant believe it is Monday again

Ratan Tata.. that's just a fun name to say

Don't let the picture fool you, this is no smart car.
No, this car is the world's cheapest car. Launched by Ratan Tata and team in India, it will be on sale across India for 100,000 rupees ($1,979; £1,366)!!

Considering the fact that the basic model has no airbags, air conditioning, radio, or power steering, I'm not so sure it would fly here (although there will be more luxurious version available in the future). But yeah, check out the article and vid here; good stuff, good stuff.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Hope your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are downright breathtaking.

I leave you with five clicks:

1. My friend's beautifully Haunted photographs.

2. In anticipation, a fabulously outrageous story and a dead-on impression

3. Tornados and other remarkable things

4. Dreams of warm weather and what you're going to wear

5. A chance to win 1,000 big ones

5½ More Drew: If you haven't seen this, rent it immediately

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Notes on a Baby

Kind of like that photographer who took a picture of himself every day for 6 years, Ryan Marshall photographs his pregnant wife's baby belly weekly over the span of her 9Mo.

See them all>

Thanks to Cup of Jo for posting this :)

I want your Bodhi

Bodhi Bags (below)/ Greenhouse leafy-mossy ceilings (right)
Stopped in at the Bodhi Fall 09 collection/ Joseph Janus birthday celebration last night under the leafy ceiling of Soho's Greenhouse where Imani Coppola of cult group Little Jackie sang the HB song not once but twice for the birthday boy.

The top floor was packed, whereas the bottom was used kind of like an overflow, my friends and I sniff out those areas (that's just how we roll). We like when we can find a good spot on the lounge to chitchat--even got to catch up with our friend, publicist extraordinaire who reps Bodhi and the ticket for a shmuck like me to a Nylon/ Bodhi event like that ;)

Those bags above are my two favorite from the spring 09 line; can't decide which I like better-- black= more practical and everyday, yellow= fabulous statement but once in a while. Can't I just have both?

Oral Fixation

Terry Richardson takes some sugary pics of the GGs for this month's Rolling Stone.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drinking Holidays...

Below, the morning of St. Patty's- 6th Ave

My favorite sight of the night: the classic -Jersey/ Midtown- St. Patty's Day scene. Not only was just this one particular locale overflowing with green boozers, but all the around the perimeter cops just stood in anticipation of trouble. Just watching. Just standing. And looking at drunk people. A couple of them were on horses. 

The whole thing kind of reminded me of a spring version of Guido Beach. Yes, you must see this:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Im not a gawker but...

I can't help it, I think MK can do no wrong. I know, I know...

See the:
StyleFile Post

With the Greatest of Ease

On the top of my Amazon wishlist until I can muster up the cash to buy it and the gusto to lug it around- this book is massive. I first set my eyes on this beauty at the ICP (think International Center of Photography-- not Insane Clown Posse). For anyone who enjoys vintage circus paraphernalia- posters, pictures, the like- this one's for you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Better than Micky-D's

I have been in search of an apartment for the past couple of weeks. Anyone who knows apartment searching in the city, knows it is no walk in the park. So one tired, stressed- think money scrounging and packing- Wednesday evening after work when I want nothing more than a stop at McDonald's on my way home to bundle up in bed, I met my persuasive friend for dinner at Scuderia, the Italian eatery of Leyla Marchetto, daughter of Da Silvano owner.

Granted it was 2 days after it's opening, the restaurant was impressively packed for a Wednesday. We were seated quickly, the waiters friendly. I resigned to an all out feast- appetizer to share (meatballs), white pesto/ pine nut pizza, two glasses white wine, combination sorbetto & gelato for dessert. All a delicious reflection on the modern-American-take-on-Italian-Trattoria it claims to be.

My friends and I shall be back...


Friday, March 13, 2009

Pretty things for spring

So excited for my friend Ashley who got some love today from Daily Candy (to the left).

All of her scarves are made by hand with precision and, I can imagine, lots of love. As hard as I've tried to narrow down her new line, I cant, I want one of each.

Available to buy on her site: ashleyjeanne.com.

High Style: Arlo

This kid dresses better than a lot of guys I know (although no one is more stylish than Señor ;). From a series that has inspired collections from designers like Michael Kors and created impossibly cool characters like Don Draper--perhaps feeling a bit of inspiration himself (or maybe because it is all he knows), meet Mad Men creator Matt Weiner's son, Arlo. There is an incredible slide show on Men.Style.com (GQ) this month of which my favourite part is his explanations and his reasonings behind each outfit.

Again, giving a taste to the left, but click through to see the whole thing!

Giddy for Spring

Basically, although I really should be doing work, I was distracted by the high and very very very dry post on au revoir Camille. I look forward to literally copying these combinations when the weather gets warm. I know, that's cheating, but I can't help it. Thanks to the pair of Marc by Marc jazz flats I purchased about a year back and the dozens of t's (Ive been meaning to throw out), I'd say I have a pretty solid jump-off point.

Giving a little taste to the left, click through the post link for the rest.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get Lost

The Nano just keeps getting more and more nanoy-er (is that a word?). Seriously it's like how much smaller do they need to make it before it is just built into the headphones themselves (hey, there's an idea).

The newest update, pictured above, wouldn't last a day in my purse, my room, on my desk or on my person whatsoever before I lost it. Just sayin'

talkin' about L-O-V-E

The debut issue of LOVE hit stands this past month. Very excited to get my hands on it-- my boss, as excited about it as I was about to be, called me into her office to rave about it (and have me buy a couple of copies before they sold out, as we are both positive they will!). The biannual magazine, published by Conde Nast, also has a LOVE blog. It's theme is "LOVE the imperfect," a message I can't get enough of-- it's. about. time.

Katie Grand's- letter from the editor- Love Letter, in discussing the idea of reality (what could be more pertinent with the times, what's more real than love, and what a false sense of reality glossies have been portraying for so long) says, "Was I , in fact not completely bored to tears by the modern idea of perfection? My love affair with the perfect woman was over... Everything has been botoxed, lifted, sucked, and dyed out of the women that represent the absolute aspiration of real women. The life that they lead cannot be traced upon their face any longer"

This is something for years my own mother has complained about and to which, now that I am in the industry, she urges me to push (my parents tend to have a warped perception of the power I hold at my job).

Among other out-of-the-mold editorial spreads is that of Anjelica Huston as photographed by Terry Richardson; in my opinion, flawless, these are the kind of portraits I aspire to take. Side note: interesting, all the woo-ha about the imperfect woman before pages and pages of the typical model-lady advert. Ill let it slide though, it's revenue.