Thursday, January 28, 2010

She Can Move

When designers make video lookbooks, the effect can be both ethereal and stunning-- and often very playful. Take Erin Fethersten's Birds of a Fether for example or this walkthrough the Olsens did for The Row. These collections-in-action are cropping up all the time, and Vanessa Bruno's most recent venture featuring the chic and blithe Lou Doillon is yet another example of success in the category. Director, Stephanie Di Gusto, uses a mix of backwards, forward, close-up, panned-out angles, which brought me through an emotional ride with Lou-- see for yourself below:

Making a Contribution

Atisha Paulson, a regular guest photographer on Contributing Editor, documents youth in a real, raw way, especially well when it comes to large crowds where we plucks out the noteable characters. "I'm an observationalist," he tells RIVE magazine. "I make art for the same reason I breath."

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From Paulson's Coachella collection "Don't Stop the Music"

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All images Atisha Paulson. For more of his work, visit his website.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To The Extreme

There is not much camera work I find more compelling than that of the BBC Planet Earth series. Sunday night I stumbled upon this set's next of kin, Planet Earth Extremes. This coverage of highs and lows is mesmerizing and the videographers capture firsts such as filming a new born Panda no bigger than a stick of butter in the wild.

And don't you find it amazing we know more about the Moon than the deepest parts of the sea? Get started with the first video below- and watch out for the Vampire Squid!

Growing Up

The title of this blog, Growing Up, says it all. Living at opposite ends of the globe, photographers Patrick Tsai (Japan) and Coley Brown (New York) collaborate to create a collection of documentary images through the eyes of a learner-- it's a candid discovery of the world.

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"Growing Up was spurred by a spontaneous scene we witnessed together at Shibuya station in Tokyo, Japan- where two high school girls were leaning against a wall, one was crying while the other was trying to comfort her. Even though they were surrounded by a city of millions, they were the only ones that existed for that brief moment. The photograph we took of them that day eventually became the genesis of our project, a project whose intention was to document and explore the inevitable process of growing up." -Brown and Tsai via Growing Up

all images Growing Up

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apartment Extras

All apartments their have pros and cons. Banging pipes, but 1 1/2 baths; pesky neighbors, but close to the subway; room only large enough for a twin, but rent's cheap; bad roommates, but a walk-in closet. You get my drift, in New York the ying-yang combinations are endless.

That said, this post isn't about disgruntled renters; no, it's quite the opposite. I am happy to say I am blessed with hardwood floors, 1 1/2 baths, close to the subway, and gorgeous high ceilings--yet to discover the cons. In contemplating the latter of pros, I have decided the perfect statement for my room is a beautiful (and economically priced) chandelier. Ok these would be a tiny splurge, but arent they amazing?!

I searched Etsy, the hub for all things crafty and came up with 3 choices. I am leaning towards option 1- the Bubble Chandelier. It's light and airy, has a presence, but isn't intrusive.
What do you think?

Industrial Pendant Chandelier


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crystal Ball: Fantastical Weekend in Your Near Future

Sometimes I wonder if I live under a rock without realizing it. You can imagine it's puzzling-- seeing as I spend all day everyday online, you know, working at a web company will do that to a girl-- when I stumble upon mention of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus on Pepper and Chips for the first time almost 2 weeks after its release. At this point, I say to myself "what the hell is this and why the hell don't I know about it?".

As I mentioned previously I am on a sort of magical, fantastical kick, and this movie appears to be all but my actual thought bubble incarnated. I must go and see it immediately. Luckly, it's playing at BAM this Saturday! I'll let you guess where I'll be.

Also a little coincidence-- My boyfriend and I found ourselves gleefully searching through the smalls and curiosities at RePop in the Navy Yard, a block or so from his apartment. This vintage shop of sorts has everything from wooden dominos to mod bar stools to creepy dolls (no disrespect). I found a mini painting there with which I instantly fell in love-- a boy holding a large bunny. Of course nothing was remotely within my price range, so I left dreaming of a room full of trinkets.
You are probably wondering what is the coincidence. Well, I'll just get to the point. RePop happened to be selling beaked masquerade gear very similar to that in this trailer. I may just have to wonder back in and make a splurge:

Hello Today

Men's shows are in full swing in Milan, and who better to cover the street style than Tommy Ton for GQ?

This look succeeded in giving me a case of the stares. "What's not to love about gray on gray? But what's really kicking this look into the stratosphere is the draped effect of the scarf," says Ton.


photo tommy ton

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kool Katz

As I formerly mentioned, I recently moved to Fort Greene; it is also of note that my new roommates include 2 friendly gals and 2 irresistible feline fellas. With this in mind, my friend over at From Lara was nice enough to show me this: The Catorialist blog, for all of our those style savvy feline ladies and gentlemen.

Hardly Workin':

Watch Dogz:

Readin' the Snewz:

On the Prowl:

I hope this makes your Friday the way it made mine. And for more kitty cat fun go to another one that always has me laughing alone, Lolcatz.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The many hats of Mr. Depp

From Tom Binns and Stella McCartney jewelry lines to the official trailers 1 & 2, there has been a large buzz factor, thanks to the blog and twitter universe, surrounding Tim Burton's rendition of Alice in Wonderland starring--who else but-- Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. I am among those excited buzzers waiting in anticipation for its release. This past year, I have been on a fantasy kick when it comes to movies and books, which by my definition encompasses everything from circus freaks to detectives and campy horror and most certainly includes anything Tim Burton.

That being said, I usually know I am going to like a movie-- or at the very least I will go see the movie-- if a) it is a product of Tarantino, Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson, or Woody Allen b) it does not star Jennifer Aniston or Sandra Bullock d) it does star Johnny Depp.

So in the spirit of that last one, I have gathered some of my Depp favorites, because why not:

Btw, in case you have been living under a rock (wink, wink), the official trailer is here and the movie will be released on March 5th. Start standing in line now!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Model Home

I just moved to Fort Greene (and love it, by the way) with nothing but shoes, books, and few items of clothing (a lot). No furniture. In interest of being able to put it all away and not permanently storing it all on the floor (I know... bizarre concept), I have been vetting all the "economical" buying options from Craigslist to eBay and Ikea.

Along this venture, the never-boring Craigslist, per usual, kicked up some interesting finds. It appears there are some Williamsburg sellers who decided a plain picture of the item for sale just wouldn't cut it. So, they decided to add some interest a la American Apparel. I found these pretty funny-- too good not to share, really.

By the way if you are interested in buying either of these:
-Vintage retro display table (with babe), $60 obo:
-Vintage end table
(with dude), $60 obo: