Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow Business

My friends and I had a great time in the NYC blizzard this week and couldn't be happier to have a white Christmas. But snow means cold, and the past view days in the city have been colder than ever. That said, three words of advice: Double it down. Don't weather the cold without my full-proof combo-- the bulky wool snood + thin cashmere scarf teamed up for the ultimate neck-warming duo. I recommend the luxe pair below. Wrap the thin ribbed scarf closely to your neck first, then overlay the bulky tube scarf- Et Voila!- much added warmth. Ain't no wind gettin in.

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Oak Black Oversized Tube Scarf, $148: Buy it here

Johnstons Cashmere Ribbed Scarf, $87.50: Buy it here

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