Friday, May 22, 2009

LONG weekend!!!!!!

Hello! I am the happiest girl right now because after a long looong looooooong week at work (17 hr day(s) whaaat), the long weekend has begun, and I am feeling the breeze on my terrace in TriBeCa overlooking the Hudson (crazy awesome).

Six clix after the pic...

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1. I was given the ultimate WTF look this week when I told someone I didn't know who this guy was... I guess a good New Yorker would know... Now you can know too (although you probably already did..)

2. One of my regular reads from across the pond, Dapper Kid, turned 1 today. Congrats!

3. Kate Moss summer stuff for TopShop launches in store on Monday. I'm not going anywhere near the SoHo store, it is going to be utter mayhem.

4. I heart Tornados in Brooklyn. Ms. Donelan is always posting great stuff.

5. Swoon.

6. Looks like prim. has revamp the site a bit, how exciting. I am obsessed with prim for a couple of reasons, one because it is a online mag that is always open to contributions from up and comers, and two because kristin, the lovely creator, is but a teenager-- not yet graduated from high school! What is up with all these young ppl being cooler than me ;) All= her and her and her.

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xs said...

i wouldn't know who that guy was either. whatever wtf guy.