Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crystal Ball: Fantastical Weekend in Your Near Future

Sometimes I wonder if I live under a rock without realizing it. You can imagine it's puzzling-- seeing as I spend all day everyday online, you know, working at a web company will do that to a girl-- when I stumble upon mention of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus on Pepper and Chips for the first time almost 2 weeks after its release. At this point, I say to myself "what the hell is this and why the hell don't I know about it?".

As I mentioned previously I am on a sort of magical, fantastical kick, and this movie appears to be all but my actual thought bubble incarnated. I must go and see it immediately. Luckly, it's playing at BAM this Saturday! I'll let you guess where I'll be.

Also a little coincidence-- My boyfriend and I found ourselves gleefully searching through the smalls and curiosities at RePop in the Navy Yard, a block or so from his apartment. This vintage shop of sorts has everything from wooden dominos to mod bar stools to creepy dolls (no disrespect). I found a mini painting there with which I instantly fell in love-- a boy holding a large bunny. Of course nothing was remotely within my price range, so I left dreaming of a room full of trinkets.
You are probably wondering what is the coincidence. Well, I'll just get to the point. RePop happened to be selling beaked masquerade gear very similar to that in this trailer. I may just have to wonder back in and make a splurge:

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