Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rejecting the Digital Age

Here's a source of inspiration. Ellen Rogers, a London-based photographer, shoots in all analogue, never letting photoshop touch her precious prints. "My techniques mostly come from experimentation with traditional darkroom processes," she says on her web site. "All my work is analogue and does not utilise any digital equipment or computer based manipulation (other than scanning the end result)."

This is a struggle I have had with my own photography-- to cross over to the (digital) darkside or to not cross over to the (digital) darkside.* Ms. Rogers has given me a little extra push to what I know I want: all traditional film, all traditional darkroom. Her work is ghostly beautiful. See more of it after the jump.

Via Fashion 156

*Note: Use of the term "darkside" is for dramatic effect, here. I admire a lot of digital work, scout's honor.

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Lemon for breakfast said...

lovely pictures! all of them! I sometimes reject de digital era too, but hey! there are some good things in it too ;)