Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teller Abroad

For me, the work of the great Juergen Teller is always motivational. Every time I look at what he has done, I want to go out and shoot, shoot, shoot. It's easy to get caught up in his trance-inducing images.

These three were all part of his last two exhibitions, the first in the Whitechapel Gallery in London this past summer, the second and third at Kunsthalle Nuernberg in Germany, which just closed last week. Each of his portraits really tells a story. His use of lines and shapes in the middle photo creates an abstract artwork the same way a painting might.

With all his success shooting the Marc Jacobs print campaigns, it's great that he also crosses over the different categories of the genre. In his distinct Juergen-Teller style, his portrait, landscape, and fashion photography--and anything else his heart desires--is just, well... beautiful!

From top, all by Juergen Teller: Fergus Henderson, London, 26.6.2008, 2008; Ed in Japan No. 22, 2005; Kate Moss, New York, 1996.

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