Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day Off

Today was one of the most relaxing I have had in a while. I spent the whole afternoon by myself, riding my bike, reading, and drinking iced coffee. Over a late lunch I flipped on the tv to see Man on Wire playing. This is a movie I have watched before (and thoroughly enjoyed), but it was an inspiring revisit for me. I was glued to the channel and before I knew it I was crying and feeling like I could do anything in the world (yes yes I know).

The most beautiful part for me is after all the build up when Philippe Petit finally dances between the towers. I can only imagine witnessing this in real life.

Here are some stills of the moment. And if you haven't seen that film, it is a must!

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Alice Olive said...

I cried in this one, too. It was absolutely beautiful. The friendship between the two of them was something else.