Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back to talking

I've been a horrible poster recently;  mostly it is because work has gotten extraordinarily busy that I haven't had a spare moment. Great stuff on the horizon!

In the meantime, very important that I go see the Cartier-Bresson exhibit at the MoMA on Sunday. I need to find a bit of inspiration (and I'm going straight to the greatest) as I have had a total standstill with my personal project. I've noticed sometimes time away is good to gain a fresh eye with your own work, but mostly I just feel like a bum! So this will be a good jump start I think--as a photographer friend said recently, "[Cartier-Bresson's] work is the kind I look at and think, what am I doing??"

Here are a couple I cannot wait to see:

Photo Credits: all Henri Cartier-Bresson; Titled From Top: New York, New York, Coronation of King George VI, London. Note on the first image via MoMA: The arrival of a boat carrying refugees from Europe reunites a mother and son who had been separated throughout the war. 


Jennifer said...

I love Cartier-Bresson! I can't wait to see this exhibition. You are motivating me to pull out my copy of "Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Early Work" from MoMA's 1987 exhibition so I can get some inspiration of my own.

YuriS_New家愛 said...