Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That's The Way Uh --- Uh --- I Like It

I discovered HUH. Magazine via my research for yesterday's post. HUH., a UK based publication with a publish-frequency they describe as "sporadic," focuses on art across the spectrum and does a particularly good job (I think) with photography.

HUH.'s photography blog and Features section is a mix of guest curators (recently, one of which was I Thought I Was Alone), reader submissions, and general photog. news.

The photographers here were featured on the site. The cloud of birds (top) by Jared Ritz; the latter elephant fellow (bottom) by Alexander Clarke. Venture to their features via the hyperlinks; both produce a great collection of images.

As I'm always scouting out happenings in the photo world- for selfish reasons, if anything I find HUH. a great learning resource-- about fellow photographers, industry pubs, and general ideas. The best part is that in addition to frequenting the website, you can pick up a copy of the printed work a) at a London distributor around town if that's your home-base or b) internationally for the cost of shipping only-- a free photo goodie from across the pond! Check it out here.

Photos from top: Jared Ritz, Alexander Clarke.

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from lara said...

genius title for this post. :) i love the image of the elephant and a free publication? who knew they still existed!