Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whose Space?

Street photography is not for the faint at heart-- or rather, the general concensus is that one is more apt to be successful if he/she is unafraid of getting a reaction, welcomes it even. Wednesday, Exposure Compensation did a great post on Jeff Mermelstein, a bold photog not concerned with getting in the faces of strangers. This is a great circle back to the discussion of being an "asshole" when shooting. How close do you have to get to be considered in someone else's "personal space"? And does it even matter?

Consent is not really an option on the street. As Mermerlstein says in the video after the jump, "I'm, in a sense, stealing something from them without asking them... I myself feel no guilt from that. I'm not trying to hurt anybody with the camera"

Click through to the Exposure Compensation post for links to parts b & c. Highly recommend doing so; I find Mermelstein's thoughts to be extremely true and nice to hear these experiences/thoughts/feelings I've had about my own street photography come from someone like him.

Top Image: Jeff Mermelstein, Halloween Parade Viewers, New York City, 1984

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