Friday, April 10, 2009


Don't think that I am wah wah-ing that the weekend has come. It is quite the opposite! But I posted this picture because it is one of my favorites :)

Six clix I think you'll enjoy:

1. This made me sooooo happy. So did this, and pretty much anything Wes Johnson does.

2. Good luck finding an opening, but hey it is worth a shot.

3. Found something as good as Post Secret.

4. Just realized that Le Smoking, Le Fashion, Le Love, and OA are all the same blogger-- makes sense. hm, why this didn't click with me before is questionable. First and last are my faves.

5. Tilda, the fabulous

6. Spreading rumours is fun

Photo: Joshua Wertheimer, by me :)


Anonymous said...

i like that found blog. today my bf and i found an easter egg hunt for someone with clues inside the eggs at a park. we followed every clue, and there was a poem in each egg. it was so super fun! when we got to the prize, it was wrapped in a pretty gift bag. we didn't open it. i wish we could have though!

this wheel's on fire said...

cool blog :)

please sir said...

Such a great photo...