Friday, April 24, 2009

"Please keep your hairy halitosis to yourselves"


It is the most gorgeous day in NYC today- a teaser for the glorious weekend to come. I want to go outside right now!!!

Before I do, I leave you with six clix:

1. LOVE has a floppy, hoppy contributing editor at large, meet Clara.

2. Silly, sarcastic cartoons. My favorite: "Do you like my little trees everyone?"

3. The beautiful life of NARS.

4. I was SO happy to see this on Found. Not because those creepy bugs thrill me, but because I am happy to learn I am not the only one haunted by them. Growing up, I always saw those on the walls (particularly where it meets the ceiling) in the summer time and they TERRIFIED me. they run so fast. Ah! Anyone else with me on that?

5. Overheard never fails to crack me up.

6. Holy shit. Um yes, I would say fairly tense :)


cake. said...

oh gosh, we call those moustache bugs and i once read that they can live for SEVEN YEARS. ugh ugh ick.

sarah said...

ok, this bunny is cute!

dapper kid said...

Haha that photograph is awesome. And I would have freaked the f*** out if I had been that guy with the shark behind me!!

tina said...

Everything i read about them says Do not kill house centipedes, they are useful insects
but i must. Spiders & most other bugs fine - but these (and anything in the cockroach family), no. They must be killed - and they are fast as hell.
And if you listen carefully when you kill them - there is a nearly electrical buzzy sound that they make when they die.

May Kasahara said...

bunny ♥ !!!!!