Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get this!

France is cracking down on Internet file sharers-- or at least they are trying to. After failed attempts to pass the "Création et Internet" bill, it has been resurrected yet again. Despite massive consumer protest, the bill aka the "three-strikes law" will likely be passed in May. Here is the gist: consumer copyright infringer will have three strikes, one by email, one by letter, and the third time they will be booted off the internet and put on the wifi "black list."

Intentions are to limit public wifi to "white list" users. Liberte? pff. But not to worry-- it is likely to have major opposition; the EU plans to pass an "overhaul" to make this French approach to copyright infringement illegal altogether.

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(french beret pic Via It's All Make Believe, Isnt It?)

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