Monday, April 5, 2010

Color Me Pastel

I have never been a drawer. I think that is why Im so much into photography. It's an outlet that is about composing and capturing an existing scene as opposed to creating one. That being said, last summer in the dead heat I was inspired to scribble, scribble all over my black and white photographs a la Mr. Peter Beard. It was a way to add color and to use my left over test prints (of which I have countless stacks). So, off to SOHO ART I went to pick up some oil pastels.

Don't ask me the rhyme or reason: why I chose these colors or why I scribbled where I did. I based it all on emotion-- what felt good at the time. And it still feels good to me now- I hope you enjoy!

All images and artwork: Julia Wideman. Location From Top: Brooklyn Heights, Central Park, Midtown NYC.

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from lara said...

lovely. these make me happy :)