Friday, April 9, 2010

Younger Than I'll Be: A Critique

This week I was able to visit the current photo exhibit at BAMart, Younger Than I'll Be, curated by Skye Parrott, a photographer herself and co-founder of Dossier. There were some pretty interesting pieces in the collection of what seemed to be about 20 images-- some Weegee, Larry Clark, Virginia Parrott (mother of the Skye), and Cass Bird: these were the ones that spoke to me personally.

However others didn't quite fit into the puzzle so nicely. The Adrian Gaut, for example, a sharp and structured architechtural piece, had no place in a collection of images meant to portray the "joy and omnipotence of adolescence," as described in the curator's statement. All stood alone as beautiful, strong images, but they didn't always belong together.

Though at times Younger seemed a bit half-hearted, it's worth going for a close look at the stand-out prints.

Image: Viginia Parrott

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