Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Some people don't have summer-soak-up-the-rays skin. I for one have a particularly pale epidermis. Always have. Never get golden quite like my olive friends. So today, I would like send a huge THANK YOU to the folks over at Fashionista for finally articulating what I have been thinking my whole life, if you cant get a real tan (or dont want to for whatever reason) and the fake, cheap-o orange glow isn't your thing-- What is so wrong with being pale??


May Kasahara said...

gyeahhhhh pale!
I'm not that pale but I'm the only hawai'i girl I know who can visit home and not go to the beach.

Shin said...

I live in Hawaii and I'm pale as snow! I just don't really like going out into the sun and oddly proud of my white limbs.

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks for your comment <3

I say be natural in your own color or go for subtle sun tanning.. the orange from a bottle, not so great.. :[ unfortunately..