Wednesday, March 11, 2009

talkin' about L-O-V-E

The debut issue of LOVE hit stands this past month. Very excited to get my hands on it-- my boss, as excited about it as I was about to be, called me into her office to rave about it (and have me buy a couple of copies before they sold out, as we are both positive they will!). The biannual magazine, published by Conde Nast, also has a LOVE blog. It's theme is "LOVE the imperfect," a message I can't get enough of-- it's. about. time.

Katie Grand's- letter from the editor- Love Letter, in discussing the idea of reality (what could be more pertinent with the times, what's more real than love, and what a false sense of reality glossies have been portraying for so long) says, "Was I , in fact not completely bored to tears by the modern idea of perfection? My love affair with the perfect woman was over... Everything has been botoxed, lifted, sucked, and dyed out of the women that represent the absolute aspiration of real women. The life that they lead cannot be traced upon their face any longer"

This is something for years my own mother has complained about and to which, now that I am in the industry, she urges me to push (my parents tend to have a warped perception of the power I hold at my job).

Among other out-of-the-mold editorial spreads is that of Anjelica Huston as photographed by Terry Richardson; in my opinion, flawless, these are the kind of portraits I aspire to take. Side note: interesting, all the woo-ha about the imperfect woman before pages and pages of the typical model-lady advert. Ill let it slide though, it's revenue.

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