Thursday, March 26, 2009

Smoking Lily

I was flipping through Vogue Paris on my way home from work today when I came across this spread of a pregnant Lily Donaldson. Can't tell whether I should be disturbed or amused. I am going to default to the latter. 

Coincidentally, I also got around to reading the at home child delivery article in New York Mag just this morning. I guess it's a theme today-- babies and unconventional birthing methods.



Lucy in the Sky said..., I'm disturbed. and I watched a little segment about at home births on ABC! really fascinating.

and thanks for visiting my blog :D

dapper kid said...

I do hope she isn't actually smoking when pregnant, but the photographs look stunning either way.

don'tsaynofashion said...

she has great legs though

Kelly said...

love these pictures! hilarious :)

Maggie May said...

A girl blogger who used the midwife in the NY home birthing story is really pissed off about the story. She was interviewed by the writer and said he had a strong opinion before he ever started the piece, and asked her questions aggresively that were meant to portray her as an airhead hippie.

Tracy-Girl said...

weird! its kind of funny. and wow, she has an awesome little figure!