Sunday, March 15, 2009

Better than Micky-D's

I have been in search of an apartment for the past couple of weeks. Anyone who knows apartment searching in the city, knows it is no walk in the park. So one tired, stressed- think money scrounging and packing- Wednesday evening after work when I want nothing more than a stop at McDonald's on my way home to bundle up in bed, I met my persuasive friend for dinner at Scuderia, the Italian eatery of Leyla Marchetto, daughter of Da Silvano owner.

Granted it was 2 days after it's opening, the restaurant was impressively packed for a Wednesday. We were seated quickly, the waiters friendly. I resigned to an all out feast- appetizer to share (meatballs), white pesto/ pine nut pizza, two glasses white wine, combination sorbetto & gelato for dessert. All a delicious reflection on the modern-American-take-on-Italian-Trattoria it claims to be.

My friends and I shall be back...

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