Thursday, March 19, 2009

I want your Bodhi

Bodhi Bags (below)/ Greenhouse leafy-mossy ceilings (right)
Stopped in at the Bodhi Fall 09 collection/ Joseph Janus birthday celebration last night under the leafy ceiling of Soho's Greenhouse where Imani Coppola of cult group Little Jackie sang the HB song not once but twice for the birthday boy.

The top floor was packed, whereas the bottom was used kind of like an overflow, my friends and I sniff out those areas (that's just how we roll). We like when we can find a good spot on the lounge to chitchat--even got to catch up with our friend, publicist extraordinaire who reps Bodhi and the ticket for a shmuck like me to a Nylon/ Bodhi event like that ;)

Those bags above are my two favorite from the spring 09 line; can't decide which I like better-- black= more practical and everyday, yellow= fabulous statement but once in a while. Can't I just have both?

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au revoir Camille. said...

The bags are really cute :)