Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Just like when Marc Jacobs said, “Happy, happy fashion - there is not much more to it than that,”Candy Pratts Price's newest Accessory Report is all about the Shiny-Happy-Fun. I am a bit obsessed with the content and especially its "Don't Be So Serious" attitude (and headline :) I screen-grabbed my favorites here, but check them all out for yourself, here.


dapper kid said...

Yum!! I am in love with the first pair of shoes and that necklace. Oooh and the Uncle Karl shopper looks fantastic!

May Kasahara said...

ok - I'm totally in love with your blog too ♥ gyeahhh nyc.

Maybe I'll give Josie's another chance - maybeeee. or maybe I'll stick to the east side one.

and I'll take one of each shoe please. . . . .